Brazos County VFW Motorcycle Group Unit#21

Serving Those that Served

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A little bit of history and information on the Unit.

Texas VFW MG Unit 21 came into existence in mid 2009.  Then Commander Jim Kovach went to the Texas Mid Winter Conference in January 2009 and saw a collection of fellow veterans wearing motorcycle vests with  a patch on the back that displayed the Cross of Malta in the center with "Veterans of Foreign Wars" on a ribbon arched above it and "Motorcycle Group" on a ribbon arched under it.  After inquiring with several members of the "vested group" he was pointed in the direction of Norm Brawner, who at the time was the President of the Department of Texas Motorcycle Groups.  While speaking with him and Judy Brawner, the State Secretary, he was given a folder that contained all of the information and requirements to Charter a Motorcycle Unit at our post.  Shortly after returning to the post home, Jim called Keith Youngblood and asked if he could meet him at the post and that he had come home with some great information that he knew that Keith would love to hear.  Upon Keith's arrival Jim handed him the folder with all of the information, his application for membership to the motorcycle group and a Check for $100 for his life membership in the VFW Motorcycle Groups of Texas.  Keith then started calling every VFW member that rode a motorcycle within 50 miles of The Brazos County area asking them if they would be interested in joining the group.  Within about a week we had enough riders to establish our charter and the rest, as they say, is history.
794 N. Harvey Mitchell Parkway Bryan Texas